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Astrological Sign of Virgo

AMAZONITE (Microcline): A pale turquoise mineral that is visually soothing. Synchronizes heart and throat chakras. Activates thought energies, and completely balanced expression.

Amazonite occurs in the turquoise colour and is sometimes found with yellow, white, or grey portions. This mineral provides for pacification and helps eliminates aggravation.It is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the high priest.It is a type of feldspar which crystallizes in the form of short prismatic crystals, tabular crystals, or masses. It soothes emotional processes, worries and fears. It is soothing to the nerves and dispels irritating and negative energy. Amazonite soothes all chakras and is particularly rejuvenating to the heart and throat chakra; thus it enhances communications of love. It aligns the physical body with the etheric and astral bodies producing a preventive energy; to make a stone to wear for general health maintenance. It is excellent as an elixir. It can be used in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system and to dissipate energy blockages which could propagate the improper flow of neural impulses. It has been used to balance of the metabolic processes related to calcium assimilation. An elixir of amazonite taken three times a day is used to rectify a calcium deficiency. It is also useful for resisting tooth decay and osteoporosis, and diminishing calcium deposits within the body.

Vibrates to the number 5

Chakras Activated (5th)

Bibliography: Melody, Love Is In The Earth - Earth Love Publishing House, 1997

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